3DS sends Nintendo stock soaring

The announcement of the 3DS has had a very positive effect on Nintendo’s stock, with the company’s decision to turn to 3D technology – which is one of hottest sectors in modern consumer electronics – seemingly sparking the interest of investors.

Nintendo’s share price shot up by nine per cent on Japan’s Nikkei Index as a result of the news, helping the country’s shares jump to a two-month high, according to the BBC.

The achievement is a stark reminder of the industry’s reaction to both the DS and Wii. Both were greeted by many onlookers with an air of scepticism – the DS thanks to it’s sub-PSP graphical power and odd screen setup and the Wii for it’s one-handed controller and, let’s be honest, very odd name.

However, the doubters have learned from the tremendous success enjoyed by both machines and most now look to Nintendo for leadership in future console generations.

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