3DS Tetris slots in next month

Nintendo will release a 3DS version of Tetris on October 21st, continuing the long-running block-stacking puzzle series.

Released as Tetris Axis in the US, the game will simply be known as Tetris in the UK and Europe, and will feature more than 20 variations on the classic handheld game.

Naturally, the game has been developed to take advantage of the 3DS’ unique 3D display, as well as the device’s other innovative functions. For example, players can use their Augmented Reality cards to play two new modes where they must stack Tetris blocks that appear in their own home.

There is also SpotPass functionality in the form of the new Fever mode, where the 3DS will automatically download new items to give players a hand in-game.

Multiplayer modes support up to eight 3DS owners and can be played via a local wireless connection, using wi-fi for online matches or through the Download Play option if not everyone owns a copy of the game.

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