3DS: The Trade Launch Guide

You know you’re writing about something important when almost everyone you contact wants to have their say.

It appears everyone wants to have their say about Nintendo’s new 3D-enabled handheld, be they publisher, retailer or developer.

For them, Nintendo’s 3DS – the first major global console launch since 2006 – is kind of a big deal.

And that’s because it arrives at a crucial time for the trade. Since 2008 sales of boxed games and hardware have been in decline, with no-sign of things getting any better.

So all eyes are on 3DS to turn things around. And the new machine certainly has a lot to live up to.

Here are the links to MCV’s comprehensive trade launch guide. ALternatively, it can all be found in this week’s digital edition of MCV magazine:

3DS LAUNCH: Trade Guide

3DS LAUNCH: The games

3DS LAUNCH: Retail Reaction

3DS LAUNCH: DS by numbers

3DS LAUNCH: Ubisoft’s 3D vision

3DS LAUNCH: Peripherals Round-up

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