48 hours and counting – Vita news roundup

The wait is nearly over. The clock is ticking on the first gaming hardware launch of the year – the PlayStation Vita.

Sony’s machine is a technical marvel. It improves upon the formula laid down by its predecessor the PSP by including a bigger, multi-touch screen, twin analogue sticks like you’d find on a console joypad and near-PS3 graphical quality.

Add to that the highly innovative rear touch pad, front and rear facing cameras and a host of top launch day game IP and Sony is onto a winner.

Here’s a look at all of MCV’s recent Vita coverage:

Vita midnight openings announced

Vita’s monster High Street marketing blitz revealed

Vita Rooms arrives in London

One price for Vita and PS3 cross-platform games

Yoshida: Vita owners "will see the value" of 45 games

VIDEO: Watch the European Vita ad here

Resistance invades Vita in May

$50m marketing campaign for US Vita launch

Ubisoft targets big slice of Vita market share

Vita download prices – MotorStorm for 4.79

Sony names two free Vita Discovery apps

Free day-one DLC for Ridge Racer Vita

WipEout 2048 free in Vodafone Vita deal

No UMD Passport for US

US PS Store now has Vita games

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection heading to Vita

‘Vita brings cheer to a dour High Street’

FIFA: Is this Vita’s killer app?

Handy Sony map shows where all UK Vitas are

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