6m sales of Rocket League proves there’s an audience for new ideas, says developer Psyonix

Forget Batman and Metal Gear Solid V, Rocket League has come out of nowhere to become the biggest game of the summer.

The PC and PSN digital game has been played by 6m people, developer Psyonix has announced. The car-football title was released as part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection for PS4 and via Steam in July.

Speaking to MCV, VP of marketing and communications Jeremy Dunham said that the firm is sharing sales figures so that other studios realise the power of unique ideas, and urges other companies to share digital data, too.

Sharing how your game is performing is a good thing for the industry,” he said. It gives people an idea of how it is being perceived in the marketplace.

It’s good for the industry to let people know that these sorts of games are selling well. It lets them know that when a new or unusual idea comes along, there’s an audience for it.

For us, it’s a really great validation that there’s strength in something new and that you don’t have to stick with the classics. You don’t always have to do a shooter, or if you’re going to do a car game it doesn’t necessarily have to be a racing game.

It’s a helpful tool for the industry to get a better understanding of just what’s going on and what people are thinking. That’s why we release sales figures, and it’s a bit of self-congratulation, because it feels crazy to say that we have over 6m players already.”

That’s way above what we expected. We take every opportunity we can to let people know we hit big.”

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