A man called Triforce is already queuing for the Wii U

Pre-ordering online is not sufficient, then?

There are two main facts to consider here. The first is that there’s a man whose actual name, according to Kotaku, is Isaiah-Triforce Johnson. We presume this gentleman changed his name himself and was not given it by his parents.

Though that is not confirmed.

The second fact to consider is that Isaiah-Triforce Johnson is already queuing outside Manhattan’s Nintendo World Store for his Wii U. Just under a month ahead of its launch in the region on November 18th.

Johnson has apparently made a name for himself as the first person to buy just about every piece of Nintendo hardware in recent history”.

Our favourite thing about him is that in the picture above he’s wearing a Nintendo Power Glove.

We have a further question – does ITJ know that Nintendo employees, their family members, key partners and select press will actually get their hands on the machine before him without queuing outside for a month?

Still, good luck to him. We hope the weather in New York is better than what we’re getting in the UK. A workman told us this morning that there’s a chance of snow later this week.

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