A third of PS4 owners have moved from Xbox and Nintendo, Sony says

Research suggests that 31 per cent of PS4 owners had an Xbox 360 or Wii but not a PS3 in the last hardware generation.

That’s according to PlayStation’s American VP of marketing John Koller, who told Kotaku that the same research also suggested that 17 per cent of current PS4 owners didn’t own a last-gen console at all.

The person that we’ve picked up since launch primarily is someone we call the connoisseur, someone that loves, unequivocally, loves games," Koller explained.

"They are the people who, when you walk in [to their home], there’s no books on their book shelves. They’re all game packages. They’re the people who stood in line at midnight [for the console’s launch]. They really are a fantastic consumer for us. They’re a great part of the PlayStation nation.

Koller also added that among early PS4 buyers are also a higher than expected number of "indulgers” who were described as people that are traditionally a little bit more price-sensitive or down the funnel that have kind of bucked the trend as it were”.

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