Alan Wake surpasses 2 million copies sold

It appears the delayed PC launch of Remedy’s horror-action title Alan Wake has been more than punctual in its payoff to the developer.

Just shy of two years after it shipped back in May 2010, the game has hit and moved past 2m units sold on Xbox 360 and PC.

This with the PC version arriving less than a month ago.

"After a slow start it’s turning into something really positive. It’s definitely had legs. I think narrative experiences just have a tendency for that," head of franchise development Oskari Hkkinen.

When asked if the sales along with the recent release of the Xbox 360 downloadable Alan Wake’s American Nightmare would mean a future for the franchise, Hkkinen sounded optimistic.

"Yeah, I think so. Alan Wake is definitely very close to our hearts. It’s our IP – we own it. It’s not something that we’re going to forget very easily."

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