Amazon smartphone leaked, includes four-camera 3D interface

A custom 3D interface is the USP that Amazon hopes will distinguish its upcoming entry into the smartphone market.

BGR reports that the device houses a total of six cameras, four of which are infrared and found on the front of the device, with one in each corner. These track a user’s face and eyes and, when combined with software trickery, adjust the display to create a mock 3D effect.

The hook will be a 3D display without the need for either glasses or a 3DS-style parallax barrier. This will be used in a range of apps as well as for wallpapers, maps and other novelties, such as looking at potential Amazon purchases in 3D.

Amazon has apparently tasked its increasing umber of internal devs with preparing a range of games and apps for launch that will fully exploit this new feature set. An API is also being shared with third parties.

The device also has a 4.7 inch 720p screen (which is comparatively low-spec compared to current rivals), runs a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, includes 2GB of RAM and runs a custom version of Android.

It is apparently being prepped for a June reveal ahead of a Q3 release. Amazon is apparently working on at least two handsets”, the other of which is a low-spec, low-price model that will launch later than the first.

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