Amiiqo allows for Amiibo data piracy (for want of a better description)

A new device shipping later this week will allow Amiibo owners to upload character data from other users onto their figures.

The Amiiqo is primarily being sold as a backup device for Amiibos. This is potentially useful as each figure is only able to hold the data for one game at a time, although that doesn’t prevent them being recognised by any compatible title.

However, Eurogamer reports that Amiiqo will also be able to upload character data obtained from other users on the internet. Via this method users will be able to access extra content already unlocked on whatever profile they have uploaded.

It will even allow figures to trick games into thinking they are other figures that the user doesn’t actually own.

Amiiqo is currently available to pre-order for 49.75 and comes pre-loaded with the data for ten figures. Up to 200 figures can be stored in total. Users will need an NFC-equipped Android device to operate it.

Be warned though – Nintendo is very likely to be looking for a way to stop this right now.

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