Angry Birds Go has shifted more copies than all Mario Kart games combined, Rovio boasts

Rovio Stockholm’s general manager has revealed that 2013’s Angry Birds Go has been acquired by more consumers than every Mario kart game combined.

In a contentious tweet, Oskar Burman said that total sales of every Mario Kart title since the 1992 original Super Mario kart have totalled 106m. Angry Birds Go, released in 2013, has however been downloaded a total of 130m times.

There are all sorts of caveats to note, however, chief of which is the fact that Angry Birds Go is free to download. Mario Kart has typically retailed at anything up to 50 a shot, making the numbers a significantly bigger achievement.

What remains unknown, though, is the total that Rovio’s players have forked out on the game. It offers some pretty hefty in-app purchase prices, too, which means it could total quite a bit.

Still, Nintendo will be all too aware of the numbers as it plots its own mobile strategy.

If it could get similar numbers of dedicated Nintendo fans to buy a mobile Mario Kart then it can be certain that their incredibly loyal fan base won’t be shy of investing in IAPs.

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