Another analyst questions 3D

The need to wear special glasses to play 3D games has been slammed yet again, with analyst DFC Intelligence claiming that the requirement will likely hinder the uptake of 3D technology.

In terms of the overall vision for 3D in gaming, DFC remains sceptical,” the company stated. The reliance on glasses in all but the 3DS is something we see as a possible impediment to widespread consumer adoption. We still think 3D may remain more of a gimmick than something consumers want to do on a regular basis.

Nevertheless, it could work as a selling point for a system like the PlayStation. Consumers may not actually use any of the 3D features, but just the fact that they are there could encourage them to buy a PS3 over a competing system. In other words, 3D could be a great showroom feature. It is definitely a selling point for someone purchasing a 3D TV, but even if a consumer does not yet plan to buy a 3D TV they may want the PS3 ‘just in case’. As for actual day-to-day practical use, we don’t see it yet.”

The claims back up recent reports suggesting that Japanese consumers are showing little enthusiasm for 3D gaming thanks largely to the need to wear glasses.

Sony, however, has come out in defence of current 3D technology – not surprising, really, considering the investment it has made in 3D. Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida claimed: With the latest technology, the glasses are light and you kind of forget you’re wearing them after awhile.”

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