Ataribox experiences technical issues, delaying Indiegogo launch

Atari, or the people currently responsible for the brand, has been forced to delay crowdfunding for their Ataribox console, citing a developmental delay.

The Ataribox is planned to be based on ‘PC technology’, and is an AMD processor with Radeon graphics and a Linux-based operating system. The machine is planned to play selected titles from Atari’s history, which the new owners of the Atari brand have access to, but also functioning as a personal computer, which could in theory install third-party games and services like Steam.

This was unveiled in July, with the technology detailed in September, with plans for a Spring 2018 launch. However, it seems now that this is all scheduled to change as the run-up to Ataribox’s Indiegogo campaign has now been officially paused.

While Atari didn’t give a specific reason, they’ve attributed the delay to ‘one key element’ on their checklist that is holding things up. There’s no word on when that’ll get fixed, though, so fans looking to pick one up will need to cross their fingers and wait for more news.

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