AT&T ruling lead to Sony TOS changes

A controversial new clause in the terms of service for PlayStation Network users arose as a result of a recent US court ruling in favour of AT&T, the platform holder has said.

Earlier this month it emerged that Sony had inserted a new clause into PSN’s TOS that prevented users from launching any sort of combined legal action against the company.

The move, it’s widely presumed, comes in the wake of the lawsuits Sony faced following the much-publicised PSN downtime and data loss earlier this year.

Now a company rep has told CNN that it believes the controversial clause is fully enforceable by law.

"The Supreme Court recently ruled in the AT&T case that language like this is enforceable," she stated. "The updated language in the TOS is designed to benefit both the consumer and the company by ensuring that there is adequate time and procedures to resolve disputes."

The AT&T case related to the charges of state taxes for phone services advertised as being free.

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