AUS: R4 distributor fined $520k

Nintendo is celebrating another victory in the war against the R4 card with news that an Australian distributor has been heavily fined for selling the device.

ITnews reports that RSJ IT Solutions has been ordered to pay AUS$520,000 to Nintendo as a result of offering the R4 to customers. It has also been instructed to stop selling the R4 through one of its ecommerce portals.

The owners of the company have also been banned from selling the R4 in any Australian territory and must name the suppliers from which it obtained the device by the end of the week.

It’s the third major piracy victory for Nintendo in the space of a month.

In January a UK court sentenced a man found guilty of importing thousands of R4 cards to a year behind bars. Earlier this month an Australian man was fined $1.3m after it was discovered that he uploaded a copy of Super Mario Bros Wii to the internet before the game was officially released.

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