Average Wii price down to £155

The price of the Nintendo Wii has tumbled at retail.
MCV’s research, which monitored the sale of hardware across 25 leading UK retailers, shows that the average price of Wii is now 155.56.

That’s 24.43 (13.6 per cent) less than its expected price of 179.99.

WHSmith is selling the Wii for the lowest price – at just 120 – as it closes down its games department.

That’s followed by ShopTo with a price tag of 134.85, followed closely by Sainsbury’s at 134.99.

These attention-grabbing retail initiatives have been joined by a number of hardware and software bundles designed to drive interest during Easter trading.

But there has been no official price drop of the console. A Nintendo spokesperson confirmed to MCV: We have not made any adjustment to the UK trade price of Wii since our announcement of the reduction in October last year.

Nintendo does not set prices for its consoles or games, and retailers are free to price any of our products as they see fit.”

The Wii originally went on sale in December 2006 at 179.99. Nintendo raised the trade price to 199.99 in March last year but lowered it back to 179.99 in October.

Nintendo’s console has sold more than 67m units globally, and broke the 6m barrier in the UK late last year.

Wii Sports, which is bundled with the console in some territories, is also now the world’s best-selling game, with over 60m copies sold.


The top ten Nintendeals:

1. WHSmith – 120.00
2. ShopTo – 134.85
3. Sainsbury’s – 134.99
4. Grainger Games – 139.00
5. TJ Hughes – 139.99
6. Morrisons – 144.00
7. Simply Games – 144.89
8. The Hut – 149.73
9. Zavvi – 149.95
10. Amazon – 149.98

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