Biggest ever Wii campaign promotes price cut

Nintendo will support next week’s Wii price drop with the biggest marketing campaign it has ever run for the format outside the Christmas period.

The firm announced last week that it is cutting the trade price of the current Wii Sports Resort pack and introducing a low cost Mario Kart bundle – moves that are expected to result in a High Street price tag of 129 or lower from May 20th onwards.

Marketing manager Robert Lowe told MCV: We have a huge TV campaign which airs for four weeks from the evening of Thursday, May 19th. It showcases various first and third party titles, which focus on various reasons why Wii is perfect for a young family – it’s creative, social, active, safe and fun. We will also have an outdoor and in-store campaign that focuses on the great value found in the new Mario Kart bundle.

On the Nintendo website there will be a new guide to buying your first Wii, and what games to get with it – along with a search campaign focused on directing those people looking to buy their first games console toward this site.

Overall it’s the biggest Wii hardware campaign we’ve run outside of peak season.”

The campaign includes a TV spot focused on Nintendo Selects, the new value software brand for Wii which also launches on May 20th. Nintendo has so far announced four titles in the range, with an ERP of 19: Wii Sports, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Mario Strikers and Animal Crossing.

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