Capcom and Grin's download remake has 'set a standard in digital gaming' with 130,000 units sold

Bionic Commando’s week one sales ‘sends a message to developers’

 and Swedish developer Grin have announced that their Bionic Commando remake has sold over 130,000 units via Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in its first week – which the two are touting as a digital download milestone for developers.

Speaking on the official Bionic Commando blog, produce Ben Judd describes the sales of the game – Capcom’s highest rated digital download game – as a ‘juggernaut’ in the digital space.

"[130,000] may not seem impressive compared to package titles that sell in the millions but compared to other digital titles that is a friggin JUGGERNAUT!" he said.

"And while, it’s great to have my first title be not only a critically acclaimed one but also a financial success, there is a bigger picture at play here that we need to look at. Consumers voted with their dollars. They basically have sent the message loud and clear:

"We are tired of meta-emulated crap; We want the titles of yesteryear to be paid the proper respect; We want them done right; And if the price is right, we’ll buy.

"Basically, we have set a standard in digital gaming. The bar has been raised and you have let developers around the world know that if they invest the time, money, and heart into making (and remaking) some great games, you will support that initiative."

The game is Grin’s remake of the original 1980s game, and has been released ahead of the studio’s next-gen revamp for the franchise.

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