Black Ops II: Declassified "not about big campaign storyline"; Release date confirmed

PlayStation Vita release Call of Duty: Black Ops II Declassified will not feature a Hollywood-style action single player romp.

Instead, the game will focus on multiplayer, despite the fact that matches will be limited to four-on-four.

The biggest difference is in terms of the game focus,” the CEO of developer Nihilistic Software Robert Huebner stated. Declassified is not about the big campaign storyline and huge cinematics, it’s more focused on the multiplayer essence of Call of Duty and bringing that to a portable device as completely as possible, and in bringing short, objective-based missions and score-driven gameplay with lighter story elements to create what we call the Operations missions.

Then adding in some bonus modes like Time Trials and Hostiles to make a product that delivers the core Call of Duty experience in a mobile package.

The goal was not to make a product that is a port of any past or present Call of Duty game, but to make a tailored experience for the Vita that adds new content and new background about Woods and Mason’s careers for players who have played the original Black Ops and will almost certainly be picking up Black Ops II.”

Huebner also addressed the negative reaction the game has attracted from some elements of the press, adding: The video and screenshots released at Gamescom showed early work in progress; we knew the final look of the game would continue to come together, so the reaction to the early footage wasn’t a big surprise.”

Perhaps most importantly a release date for the game was finally confirmed – it will arrive on November 13th alongside the console and PC versions.

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