Bossa wonâ??t work for console manufacturers who don't promote interconnectivity, says studio co-founder Henrique Olifiers

Bossa: ‘Vita will suffer a horrible premature death’

Vita will suffer a “horrible, premature death” if it doesn’t open up to multiplatform accessibility, Bossa co-founder Henrique Olifiers has claimed.

Olifiers said that the UK studio would not develop games for consoles because of their closed systems, and believes manufacturers would suffer in the long run if they did not change their stance on interconnectivity.

“I hate the fact you cannot play a game on the PS3 against the same game on the Xbox 360 or PC,” Olifiers told Videogamer.

“Walled gardens in a world where people are freely connected all the time is just a dumb idea that limits what is achievable.”

He added: "Valve is bang on, proprietary stuff is madness, we should be moving to more open platforms, to interoperability, bringing everyone together.

“If this is not the motto for the big console manufacturers, not only will we not be there – they’re likely to die a horrible premature death, the kind of which I think the Vita will suffer from.”

Valve boss Gabe Newell has spoken openly about the need for console manufactuers to open up their systems to other audiences or risk limiting their appeal.

He did however praise Sony’s recent efforts in opening up the PS3 to allowing the use of services such as Steam and for the upcoming interconnectivity of PS3 shooter Dust 514, which connects with the PC game Eve Online

Olifiers said that Bossa would keep an open mind about developing for next gen systems, but if the console giants persisted with their “walled gardens” policies, it would steer well clear.

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