Brain Training suffers Watchdog attack

Gaming has supposedly got a race war going on thanks to BBC One’s

consumer rights show Watchdog


Last night’s edition granted five minutes to claims that that voice recognition technology used in Nintendo’s Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training on DS discriminates against those with Northern accents as it struggles to recognise certain words – namely ‘blue’ and ‘yellow’.

Leading the morale crusade was Manchester-based DJ Michelle Livesey who stated: "Basically you have to say the different colours that flash up on the screen as quickly as possible. I’m saying, blue, blue, blue and it’s saying no, even though it was blue.

Then it got to yellow. I’m going, ‘yeller’ and everyone’s saying to me you need to be a bit posher. You need to say, ‘yellow’ and as soon as I did, it picked it up.”

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