Brand Map: 39% of Pokémon players are female

Over a third of Pokmon players are female, according to a new GameVision Brand Map report.

39 per cent of all players of Nintendo’s huge franchise are female, which is higher than the average game (31 per cent).Males aged 15 to 19 comprise a further 13 per cent of the market.

This week we take a look at the GameVision Brand Map for Pokmon. We asked 6,789 gamers about this franchise. 1,275 had played a Pokmon game within the last six months and we asked 500 of these to tell us about the brand in detail.

The Pokmon IP is most enjoyed because of the ‘tricks and skills’ required, with 35 per cent of gamers saying this was their most preferred game aspect. The level of ‘involvement in the story’ was enjoyed by 29 per cent of those who have experienced the brand, while ‘short play periods’ and ‘explore and discover’ were each enjoyed by 26 and 25 per cent of gamers respectively.

Currently play rates are highest amongst Italian gamers, with 22 per cent playing. 60 per cent of players in Europe are under the age of 20, compared to 46 per cent for the average game. 10 to 14 year-old males make up the largest market and 23 per cent of Pokmon players.

Pokmon fans also enjoy other Nintendo titles. The most played games amongst Pokmon consumers are Wii Sports (69 per cent), Mario Kart (64 per cent) and Super Mario Bros (59 per cent).

Although the Pokmon franchise is perhaps best known for its competitive gameplay, the enjoyment derived from the non-violent aspects of the game may help explain why it has a higher-than-average volume of female players compared to male players.

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