Brand Map: Call of Duty

This week we’re going to look at playing habits for Call of Duty using the GameVision Brand Map.

The Brand Map is available to download from the MCV?Reports page online.

We asked 6,722 gamers about the games, of whom 1,789 had played one in the last six months; 556 of these told us about their experience in more detail.

80 per cent of gamers who play Call of Duty are male (with those aged 15 to 19 accounting for 20 per cent of all players). And, despite the age restrictions, one in five of all players (21 per cent) are aged 10 to 14.

GameVision also asked players of Call of Duty what they enjoy most about the game. The idea of ‘being part of the fight and combat’ is seen by half of players (48 per cent) as being a key motivation for enjoying the game. Online multiplayer motivations of ‘playing in a team’ (23 per cent) and ‘playing with real opponents/people’ (18 per cent) both score considerably higher than the average game. A quarter of Call of Duty players cited ‘involvement in the story’ as a key motivation for play.

Whether it’s Modern Warfare, Black Ops or World at War, the Call of Duty series continues to break records and cause headaches for extremely competent competition.

The multiplayer content has evolved into one of the key components of the game. With Call of Duty Elite set for release next month, Activision is expecting Modern Warfare 3 will be one of the most successful Call of Duty titles and Elite will only help to expand the multiplayer experience.

Visit the MCV Reports section of to purchase the brand map and to find out how many players bought DLC, how many are playing online as opposed to offline, and what other games they’re playing.

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