Brand Map: Super Mario Bros

This week we look at playing habits for one of the biggest game franchises of all time.

In the past five years, Super Mario Bros has enjoyed a new life on the Nintendo DS and Wii.With the 3DS now available we haven’t had to wait long for news of a new Mario game with Super Mario 3D Land hitting retail in a matter of weeks.

The 25-year-plus heritage of this famous brand continues on the new platform, so who is playing these games and why?This week we’re going to look at Super Mario Bros brand using the GameVision Brand Map you can buy direct from the MCV Reports page on the website.

We asked 6,798 gamers about Super Mario Bros. of whom 2,582 had played a Mario game in the last six months; 784 of these told us about their experience of Super Mario Bros in more detail. Almost all gamers (89 per cent) are aware of the brand and 35 per cent have played an entry in the series within the last six months.

These are massive scores in comparison to the 46 per cent awareness and 10 per cent play rate we see for the average game.

The brand is played by an even split of both men and women gamers – compared to the 2:1 male:female ratio typically encountered.

Although over a third of gamers are aged between 10 and 14 reflecting its young appeal, nearly one-in-10 Mario players are aged over 40 years.Players deliver an impressive 167,000 eyeball hours per month – nearly six times the exposure generated by an average game.

It’s only a matter of weeks before Mario is back and this time on a new console. Mario looks set for another successful Christmas.

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