Burnout Crash unearthed by rating

EA could be preparing a surprise new entry in the popular Burnout racing series.

GamerBytes spotted a new listing by the Australian games rating board for a game called ‘Burnout Crash’. Further details show that the listing, which was posted on April 1st, is for an EA game developed in the UK that is heading to PS3 and Xbox 360.

The last outing for the IP was Burnout Paradise in 2008, which was the seventh title in the series which first came to life in 2001.

GamerBytes speculates that the fact that the game has not previously been announced, and that’s it’s due out for Xbox and PS3, could suggest that it’s a download title.

Indeed, Burnout Paradise was notable for its focus on digital retail models. Not only was it followed by several huge, free DLC releases, but it was also one of the first full-price retail games to be made available on PSN.

And of course, the name ‘Crash’ could very much point to a crash-junction based spin-off – a feature that was disappointing absent from Paradise.

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