Pong creator looks to the coming years at open Q&A

Bushnell: Gaming’s future lies with ‘physicality’

Speaking at a Q&A session co-hosted by BAFTA and Game Based Learning last night, Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell revealed that he believes ‘physicality’ is the future of gaming.

"I predict that the next few years will be the years of physicality in gaming," revealed Bushnell, who also admitted "I love the Wii controller".

The respected industry luminary also confirmed his belief that education is to play a fundamental role in the development on video games."The next big wave of value is in education," said Bushnell, adding: "I want to leave a legacy of more than just fun."

Bushnell, who has established his uWink restaurant concept around multiplayer touch sensitive gaming platforms, went on to suggest interactive coffee tables will become increasingly prominent in the coming years. The Pong creator also detailed the games he deems to have influenced him most significantly, listing Doom, Myst, Tetris, Halo and The Sims, while calling Will Wright ‘a genius’.

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