Heavy Rain director believes games should evolve through ideas, not just tech

Cage: Five more years on PS3 wouldn’t concern me

David Cage will not join calls from the industry to rush out a new generation of game hardware.

The director of breakthrough hit Heavy Rain believes his Paris studio Quantic Dream would have few concerns developing on PlayStation 3 for another five years.

“To be honest, I’m not that interested in technology or the next generation of consoles,” Cage said in an interview with Develop.

“If we could continue with PlayStation 3 for another five years it would be fine with me,” he added.

Cage’s philosophy on next generation technologies comes from his wider viewpoint that games studios should be striving for more creative projects instead of technical advancements.

“Are there technical things I can’t do on PS3? Honestly, no,” he claimed.

“The limitation is much more about the ideas we have”.

Yesterday the industry was given the first public glimpse of the Unreal Engine 4, the Epic Games engine that is widely seen as a progenitor for next generation of games.

Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski believes the UE4 team “has a huge responsibility to drag this industry into the next generation".

Cage’s views on the matter appear to be the polar opposite. He says it is ideas that should define new eras of games.

“When you look at the past, you realised that the technology evolved must faster than the concepts we rely on," he said.

"As an industry we have pretty much have been building the same games for fifty years, despite the platforms changing.”

The full interview with Cage can be found here

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