BCIT programme to be headed by â??XNA Creatorâ??s Guideâ?? author

Canadian polytechnic to offer part-time XNA course

The British Columbia Institute of Technology, a Canadian polytechnic, has added a course on XNA development for PC and Xbox 360 to its curriculum.

The part-time 12-week course is the first in Western Canada to be based around Microsoft’s managed game environment. The course will be run by Pat McGee, who recently co-authored the book Microsoft XNA Game Studio Creators Guide.

"I’ve always felt strongly that there are many people who are interested in games development who want a course like this,’ said McGee.

“While this does present a potential student with an avenue to get started in programming games early, it also provides an opportunity for graduate students to learn how to program graphics and media. The experience in my classes ranges from students with very little programming experience to computer science degree graduates."

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