Caught blue-handed: The Smurfs are coming to 3DS for the first time

Cerulean creatures The Smurfs are headed to Nintendo’s handheld in the form of a new mini-game collection.

The Smurfs for Nintendo 3DS has been developed by prolific 3DS studio Magic Pockets, the back catalogue of which boasts more than 35 Nintendo handheld titles.

The game provides an adventure built around a series of mini-games, which players must tackle in order to collect resources and rebuild their village, all while avoiding the traps of franchise baddie Gargamel.

As you may expect, the mini-games are primarily based on the 3DS’ various features, including use of the touch screen, integrated accelerometer and microphone.

Characters including Papa Smurf and Smurfette will traipse through a number of landscapes, including Gargamel’s lab and the forest around Smurf village.

Players will also be able to customise their own Smurf houses.

The Smurfs for Nintendo 3DS is available now in all EMEA regions.

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