Change4Life backs Wii Fit Plus

ELSPA has welcomed the decision by the Department of Health to endorse Nintendo’s Wii Fit Plus – making the first game to be allowed to use the NHS’s Change4Life logo in future advertising.

As first reported by MCV, the Change4Life endorsement will be used across Nintendo’s promotion for Wii Fit Plus – which is released on Friday.

Change4Life previously incurred the industry’s wrath for its now notorious ‘Risk an early death’ ad, which depicted a young gamer on a sofa.

Director General of ELSPA Michael Rawlinson said: We are thrilled that active videogames are finally being recognised by the Government for contributing to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

"Since the negative portrayal of video games in a Change4Life advertisement earlier this year, ELSPA worked with the Department of Health to gain proper recognition of the many benefits which active gaming can bring to an energetic lifestyle.

Children and adults across the UK already know that dancing, jumping or even boxing within an active videogame have real exercise benefits. We are encouraged by this positive step to gain wider recognition of the health benefits that video games can offer to individuals, families and communities alike.”

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