UK Developer confident Sony handheld can maintain consumer interest

Climax: PSP is a capable platform

Speaking to Develop, Climax’s head of development Simon Gardner has explained why he thinks the PSP is still viable as a commercially successful, powerful and popular platform.

“We are having a lot of success working on Wii and PSP,” said Gardner, “and have invested a lot of effort in wringing out the maximum performance from the systems.

“There seems to be reluctance from some developers, especially internal teams, to support these formats. With the experience and tools we’ve now developed, we are finding them very rewarding and the quality of the games we’re making speaks for itself.”

Gardner, who believes the PSP is powerful system, also claimed: “It’s still a capable platform, with the right brand and wide-ranging capabilities. If Sony continues to support it and invest in applications for it, then it can probably retain the consumers’ interest.”

Climax, which has reorganised internally to focus on quality and critical acclaim, has also expressed a desire to move towards development for PSN and XBLA, while continuing to create games for the major console platforms.

To read the full interview in two parts, click here and here.

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