Compulsion: We Happy Few ‘is not like BioShock’

The developer of We Happy Few is desperate to distance its game from BioShock.

The title has drawn comparisons with 2K Games’ hit franchise due to its eerie dystopian setting and similar art style.

We Happy Few was shown off during Xbox’s E3 press briefing and became one of the most talked-about titles of the show.

The response has been more positive and excited than I thought it would be,” said Sam Abbott, COO of Compulsion Games. The general level of excitement is very high.

It’s very interesting as we hadn’t appreciated what people would be interested in. We had a cool game with some neat mechanics and we’re very excited about it, but everyone who looks at it goes: ‘Holy shit, it looks like BioShock’, and we’ve been doing our best to say we’re not the BioShock team and the game definitely isn’t BioShock.

But it’s hard to tell that to millions of people around the world who are all super excited about BioShock. They just don’t want to listen, which is great I guess.”

You can read more about We Happy Few and Compulsion in this week’s MCV.

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