Console Crysis looked impossible

The first game was lauded as the flag-bearer of high-end PC gaming, and developer Crytek has admitted that thewre were times when it feared that bringing the sequel Crysis 2 to consoles was an ‘impossible’ task.

Back then we would have been limited with our knowledge of 3D and experience with CryEngine,” Crytek CEO Cervat Yerli told CVG.

Today, we have much more experience with the technology and the bleeding edge experience on PC helped us to trickle down the engine, step-by-step. So we were looking at every high-end feature and said ‘how can we bring this to console?’. I said to our technology guys, we have no choice. It has to come. How do we do it?

Instead of telling me which ones you can and can’t do, whenever it looked impossible, I said find another solution. So that forced a lot of optimisation and rethinking.”

Yerli added that the lessons it learnt with the console game ultimately lead to a better PC version, too.

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