Natal to 'shove more genres towards the fairground bracket'

Could motion control doom the console giants?

In today’s Develop blog, Owain Bennallack has suggested that the likes of Project Natal, Wii MotionPlus and Sony’s Motion Control could spell doom for the current console giants.

In his column the Develop Conference advisory board member does recognise the potential the fashion for intuitive controls offers, as proven by the sales of Wii, DS, and the likes of Guitar Hero. However, Bennallack also questions the assumption that the new wave of input devices will deliver a golden future for gameplay.

"What if, rather than innovation, the controllers hint at desperation?" asked Bennallack. " What if the focus on controllers signifies not games going forward, but games getting relegated to the level of sideshow amusements?"

Bennallack also draws comparison with the role dedicated cabinets played in turning arcades from grounds for innovation into a novel distraction for one off visits on drunken nights.

"For all Wii’s attractions, few would argue that nuanced gameplay is among them. Its success is built around sessions where you wave your arms in the air like you just don’t care," added Bennallack. "Better controllers may reign in that tendency – or they may simply shove more genres towards the fairground bracket."

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