Compression middleware aims to help cut manufacturing costs

CRI readies FileMajik for DS

Tokyo-based tools firm CRI Middleware has launched FileMajik, a file compression system for the DS.

Utilising a command-line, GUI or Excel-based compression tool, FileMajik can automatically compress files into a single CPK file, enabling developers to ship on smaller DS cartridges and therefore reduce manufacturing costs.

The tool suite also includes Majik-Decomp, a decompression routine that eliminates the need for temporary scratch memory when decompressing assets, reducing the memory footprint and fragmentation of RAM. It also enables developers to utilise idle CPU time for decompression, eliminating any performance hit that may otherwise occur from on-the-fly extraction.

Speaking about the English-language release of FileMajik, Masao Oshimi, CTO and president of CRI America, told Develop: “We have plans to release FileMajik in English, but our release window depends on reception to the product in Japan. All being well, we hope to demo it at GDC 2008.”

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