As Crytek UK announces the studio is providing â??criticalâ?? elements to the Crysis 2 project

Crytek to â??play a major roleâ?? in console gaming

Though the Germany-headquartered indie giant Crytek has built its reputation and riches predominantly in the PC space, the managing director of the group’s UK studio believes that it can be a key player in console gaming.

Speaking to Develop in the second part of an exclusive interview, Crytek UK MD Karl Hilton explains that Crytek UK is “contributing some critical elements” to the upcoming multiplatform title, Crysis 2.

When asked what Crytek UK can add to the franchise, Hilton said,

“We have a lot of history with first-person-shooters, action-adventure games and multiplayer gaming, particularly on consoles, so we are contributing in all of these areas. I know Crytek itself was a PC-based company before, but they are going to increasingly play a major role in the console space, and we’re going to be a big part of that.”

Crytek UK is currently working on the console editions of Crysis 2, yet the studio is collaborating on the whole project itself as opposed to simply porting the game.

“Crysis 2 certainly is a major AAA game that we are delighted to be working on. It is a dream project,” added Hilton. “We played the first Crysis a lot in the office back in the Free Radical days, so the opportunity to contribute to a series we admire is fantastic.”

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