Studio responds to Sony's request for original IP

Curve developing Explodemon! for PSPgo

Developer Curve Studios is preparing its PlayStation Network title Explodemon! for release on Sony’s recently announced PSPgo.

Responding to Sony’s recent request for new IP, the development house, which is planning to release the PSN version of the platforming game in the fourth quarter of this year, has opted to support the download-only model on which the PSPgo is based.

“As one of Europe’s leading PSP developers we’re very excited about the announcement of PSPgo,” said Curve’s MD, Jason Perkins. “With its focus on digital distribution, PSPgo represents a great opportunity for us to capitalise on our experience on the platform and bring our own IP to portable gamers.”

Curve studios has already created four titles for the PSP which have been made available through the PSN service, building up its experience working with the Sony platforms.

“I’m thrilled to be bringing Explodemon! to the PSP,” added Perkins, “We think its combination of classic platforming action and high degree of replayability make it the perfect handheld title. We’re eager to see how gamers receive it when we release it next year. In addition to Explodemon!, we have a number of other remarkable titles in production that we plan to bring to the handheld in 2010.”

No release date for the PSPgo version has been confirmed. Explodemon is also due to see release on the PC and Wii.

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