Date for Splinter Cell Trilogy HD

Ubisoft has confirmed that the Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD will be released on March 22nd in the US.

There’s no firm UK date in place as of yet, though March 25th now looks the most likely option.

The SKU will contain HD revisions of Splinter Cell, SC: Pandora Tomorrow and SC: Chaos Theory. In the US they will be available either as a single retail SKU or as individual downloads on PSN. It’s not yet known whether the same will be the case in the UK.

It’s the second time Ubisoft has returned to its last-gen back-catalogue for a trilogy bundle having recently done the same with its Prince of Persia IP.

Splinter Cell was an iconic series back in its day, partly because its graphical might meant that for a considerable time it was exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox. When the series did eventually emerge on PS2 the downgrading of its visual capabilities was the source of many a playground fanboy war.

In November last year it was revealed that iconic Ubisoft developer Jade Raymond is heading up work in the sixth instalment of the Splinter Cell series.

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