The Quantic Dream co-CEO discusses the immersive properties of motion control

David Cage ponders PS3 motion control potential

Quantic Dream co-founder David Cage has opened discussion on the PS3 motion controller’s potential for narrative-led mature games.

The experienced game designer, who won praise and fame with the breakthrough title Fahrenheit, is exploring how Sony’s upcoming peripheral could enhance the immersive properties of Quantic Dream’s future projects.

Heavy Rain, a project which Quantic Dream started back in February 2006, already utilises the rudimentary motion controls built into the PS3 pads. At certain points, the game prompts players to mimic the physical actions of the game’s characters, in both mundane errands such as brushing teeth, to more dramatic actions such as kicking open doors.

"Motion already plays a major role in Heavy Rain. In fact, the entire interface is designed around motion and physical immersion,” Cage said in an interview with consumer blog Destructoid.

"I think that others have already significantly experimented possibilities in the family entertainment area," he added.

"I am curious to see what can be done with more mature games, if it can be used to support immersion and create a new way of playing. Quantic Dream will definitely experiment with the [PS3 motion controller] in the near future."

Speaking on the broad subject of motion controls, Cage distanced himself from the popular family-orientated games that are commonplace on Nintendo’s Wii.

"I would not like to play every single game moving around and jumping on my couch," he said.

No official name or release date has been announced for the PS3 motion controller.

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