Day one Super Mario Run downloads hit 10m, but shares now down 11 per cent

One analyst has predicted that Nintendo’s Super Mario Run reached as many as 10m downloads on its day of release last week.

Initial estimates had pegged the day one download number at around 3.5m. This was then upped to 5m before AppAnnie told Polygon that estimations suggested that the total could in fact be 10m.

Revenue estimates for day one stand at around $4m-$5m, which is ahead of Pokemon Go’s day one revenue of $3m.

However, Friday’s share slide for Nintendo has continued today, with stock today dropping by seven per cent. That means Nintendo’s share price has now fallen a total of 11 per cent since the game was launched. DeNA has seen declines of 14 per cent.

App Store reviews of the game continue to struggle, with it typically averaging about 2.5 stars.

The question now is whether Super Mario Run can sustain revenue in the same way Pokemon Go did, and this could prove quite a challenge. Niantic’s title had a wave of media coverage carrying it, as well as a staggered roll out and a design that encouraged persistent play and exploration.

Super Mario Run, on the other hand, is relatively short, and asks a bigger question of players it hopes to convince to stump up the relatively high 7.99 to bypass the paywall.

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