DDI: 3D wont be mainstream for years

3D video games won’t be mass market for at least another five years, Data Design Interactive has told MCV.

The casual games specialist is to launch one of the first 3D video games, Battle Rage: The Robot Wars – which comes with 3D glasses – ahead of Ubisoft’s highly anticipated Avatar movie tie-in.

However, the firm’s CEO Stewart Green has said that although 3D is a key development for games, it won’t be a mainstream phenomenon until 3D TVs become better established.

3D is a big enhancement to the player’s environment, and as now it is part of our development system we will support it in future titles,” commented Green.

But it will not be common practice until the mass market has 3D TV, which is not going to happen until perhaps five years from now.

With a huge output of casual games, we are probably not thought of as innovators, but casual games are what the public wanted, and we have continued to provide the public with what something they want to buy. 3D is a huge seller this year with 12 3D films being released.”

DDI has also been experimenting with other new technology, including Wii MotionPlus and Wii Speak.

Our development system is rapid and reliable; we managed to publish 20 games in just ten months. No other developer or publisher could achieve this,” added Green. With such a quick and easy development process, it is not a lot of work for us to implement new hardware and release innovative titles.”

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