Defiance goes free-to-play

Trion Worlds MMO Defiance has made the inevitable free-to-play move on PC.

The studio has made the move ahead of the premire of the associated TV series’ second series on SyFy in July.

Trion says that it intends for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game to go F2P on July 15th.

Players who have previously paid for the title will get a host of extras in compensation, including 1,000 Arkforge (in-game currency), four character slots, 75 Ark Keycodes and over 70 inventory slots, as well as 30 days of Paradise Patron Status and an XP boost.

On top of this they’ll get a ten per cent store discount.

Plans to make the game F2P were confirmed last month, with Trion stressing that as the game was never subscription based the transition should be relatively painless. A second series of the TV was commissioned in May 2013 following the record-breaking success of the first series.

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