The XBLIG rack quietly returned to the front of the shop

Dev victory as Microsoft promotes indie store

Microsoft has moved the Indie Games shop back to the front lines of the Xbox’s online games market – following developer outcry as the store was tucked out of sight.

As part of the recent Xbox 360 dashboard update, the Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) store – which houses hundreds of XNA-developed titles – was split from the central games section and moved into the Specialty Shops section.

The move resulted in an outcry from numerous indie developers. One said the XBLIG store was “dead” while another called the move a “categorical failure”.

Microsoft at first put a brave face on, in a prepared statement which insisted that the repositioning of the store – contrary to popular belief from those affected – would have been of great benefit to indie developers.

Yet it was revealed this morning that Microsoft has quietly returned the store back to its original position.

Indie developers, posting on the same Microsoft community forum they had made their complaints on, have begun to praise the reversal.

One developer said it was a “huge step in the right direction”, adding that he hoped the move would “increases sales for everyone”.

Another, ‘Paul Fisch’, said: “Wow! I am shocked. I mean I voted on the connect issue and tweeted about it like everyone else, I just never thought Microsoft was actually going to even respond to us, much less put us with the games.

“It’s kind of funny that they silently fixed it even now without like responding, they have bizarre PR.”

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