Mick Hocking to talk through history of 3D - and what it means for games

Develop Conference adds Sony 3D talk

A high-profile talk has been added to the Develop conference roster last minute.

SCE’s senior director Mick Hocking is set to offer an insight into the future of 3D for games on the morning of Thursday, July 15th at the event.

Hocking is in charge of the WWS Stereoscopic 3D team and is also group studio director for Evolution Studios, SCE Studio Liverpool and BigBig Studios.

Sony’s Stereoscopic 3D Team has been ‘pioneering 3D game development for the last two years’ by drawing upon their wealth of previous experience working with high end 3D simulators for F1 and Flight Simulation.

Hocking’s Develop presentation is called ‘3D:The Next Dimension in Gamin’ and will take the audience through the history of 3D entertainment, from its humble beginnings back in 1850, to its breakthrough into mainstream entertainment in the present day, explaining why this time it really is here to stay.

He plans to cover what it takes to convert a game to 3D, and how 3D has changed the visual language of the screen – and of course it will link back to Sony’s 3D push for PS3 by looking at the commercial opportunities via the over 35 million 3D enabled PlayStation3 consoles in the market.

“I’m really excited about being able to give this talk and giving Develop attendees the chance to play some of our 3D titles for themselves,” commented Hocking.

“I’ll also be sharing some of the unique tricks and techniques required to create a top quality 3D gaming experience.”

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