Game makers must approach costing 'carefully', warns Eric Lempelv

Developers responsible for PSP Minis pricing, says SCEA

Responding to concerns that PSP Mini game pricing has been set to high to compete with the iPhone, SCEA’s Eric Lempel confirmed that it is the developer-publishers that are responsible for setting the customer fee for their games.

"As far as pricing goes, the publisher of the title sets the pricing," stated Lempel, speaking to Joystiq. He also added that Sony would have no problem with a developer planning to release a PSP Mini game for a $1.99 pricetag.

Asked about how publishers should handle the pricing of their Mini releases so as not to upset the value of their normal PSP games, Lempel said: "I think they have to carefully look at that, carefully price their content.

"Minis was intended to be something a little different and we wanted to see a lot of different types of content through minis. If it’s not priced correctly, consumers may be turned off at the proposition and say ‘I’d rather just go for this kind of stuff instead of minis.’"

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