Diablo III faces two consumer rights battles

Blizzard is facing pressure from both sides of the globe as consumer rights groups get up in arms about Diablo III.

PCGamesN reports that German body the Federation of Consumer Organisations is threatening to take legal action if Blizzard doesn’t move to highlight the game’s requirement for a persistent internet connection on its packaging.

Blizzard has been given a deadline of July 27th to respond or else the group will seek a legal resolution.

In addition, South Korean authorities have fined the company 4,500 for its failure to refund customers who suffered the infamous Error 37 problems that dogged the game in its opening days and prevented users from playing.

Adding to these woes are revelations over recent days regarding player bugs that can lead to exploits.

Firstly, those playing as a wizard are able to make their character permanently invulnerable via a simply spell trick. Secondly, Barbarian characters are able to artificially boost their stats via a similar exploit.

Such issues are all the bigger in Diablo III thanks to the existence of the Auction House, where gamers can sell their wares for in-game gold or real-world cash. Obviously, winning valuable in-game items is easier if you’re character is artificially strengthened.

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