Digital chart and PEGI plan set for early 2012

UKIE has confirmed that plans are still on course for PEGI, which is currently awaiting final EU sign offs before UK Government grants the on-pack marks as the only ratings standard for video games.

Once the ratings are made legal, said EA’s Keith Ramsdale, head of UKIE’s health, wellbeing and social steering group, said that the organisation would kick off a public awareness campaign to inform consumers about the changes.

Once in force it will mark the end of what has by any standards been a protracted saga.

In 2008 the infamous Bryon Report recommended that all games ratings duties be handed over to the BBFC.

However, following a prolonged period of lobbying from the games industry it was confirmed as part of the Digital Economy Act in 2010 that PEGI would in fact be the preferred system.

Following a string of delays that had the changes pencilled in for both 2010 and for more than one date in 2011– which was due in part to the change of UK government – the hope is that UKIE’s latest date is realised.

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