DiRT 3 confirmed by Codemasters

Rally driving game DiRT 3 has been announced by Codemasters and likely hit UK stores in 2011.

In an interview with Edge, Codemasters VP Gavin Cheshire said: It’s all about letting the teams just innovate. There’s some great stuff coming from Birmingham that’s going into DiRT 3, and obviously you’ve seen Bodycount.”

He also suggested the developer may focus more on the British side of rallying in the sequel to Colin McRae: DiRT 2.

DiRT 2 is a brilliant game but it’s all American accents, so maybe we’re a little over the top with those. Maybe we should fly the flag a bit more.”

In DiRT 3, I’m not saying we’re throwing all the codebase away, but we’re throwing the thoughts away and coming out with something fresh and new. Because if you don’t innovate, you’re dead.”

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