DLC and Microtransations to be responsible for over half of digital console revenue in 2017

The shift to digital marketplaces and the growth in games elongating their shelf life as a service based model appear to be paying dividends, according to reports from data firm SuperData.

According to the new report, as explained by our sister site MCV, games like Grand Theft Auto V and its online mode are responsible for over £1 billion in revenue via the digital marketplaces on console. The game recently was claimed by the firm to be the highest-earning digital console game of all time.

The rise is partly due to the growth of games offering additional content for a longer period and constantly refreshing their content. Games like Overwatch and Rocket League are prime examples that customers much prefer to spend money on content specifically to their tastes rather than a set DLC or season pass content with a higher initial outlay.

“Players are still weary of games that release alongside numerous paid add-ons, believing content has been cut from the game itself," said SuperData analyst Carter Rogers. "2K’s Evolve saw immersive consumer backlash at launch for this reason, which hurt the game’s long-term potential.”

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