Doctors say 3DS is safe for kids

US doctors say there is nothing wrong with young children playing the 3DS, despite a health warning issued by Nintendo.

The American Optometric Association even suggests that it could be positive for children under six years old to play the handheld gaming console.

The group says if kids can’t view games properly on the 3DS this can help parents and doctors detect eyesight problems early on.

In a statement the firm said: Difficulties with appreciating 3D in movies, TV and Nintendo’s 3DS, or discomfort when engaging in these activities may be an important sign of undetected vision disorders.

Accordingly, children younger than six can use the 3DS in 3D mode if their visual system is developing normally.”

Nintendo has previously said children under six years old should avoid using the console’s 3D mode as it could have an adverse effect on eyesight development.”

The American Optometric Association added there is no evidence that viewing 3D in moderation will have a negative effect on children or adults.

The 3DS is due for launch worldwide before March.

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